Semi-Short Stories

These stories are finished as far as I am concerned:

Give me a "C" Incoming! Wild Blue Yonder Tragedy plus time equals comedy
First, you put your two feet close up tight.... Everyone has to be someplace Transpose this He Won't Bite You
It's a metaphor! To be fair, Steve Ulseth may have coined this phrase... Dig The Jivecat A huge wink
Not exactly Mr. Shoot From the Hip pinky swear, okay? HSHS I bet he got the chicks
First Amendement Stories from the Car Going down to Mandanville Roget! My man!
Hey! Mr. Baba Ghanoush! Horseshoes are a blood me Phil Rutman, CPSA Enough About the Maginot Line
Timing can really suck sometimes Another happy little story Bark Bark The open road is a fascinating place
there is a lot to be said for benign neglect I stole the title from a John Prine song... She was a babe in her doubt about it. count them, I dare you...1, 2, 3
oh scary It's good for you! Ah, Wilderness... It is like magic!
It has almost nothing to do with cutting hair two plus two equals more than two Drama is easy....Comedy is hard. Another Story About A Small Town
I like the apple but I LOVE the crisp..... Truth is good We would make HORRIBLE refugees Stirred up real good, not shaken
The mind is quicker than the hand which is quicker than the eye A fast guy with even faster insights....whooooosh Predictions are tricky things Fun is where one makes it....
Some call it Hopkins I see you... Agree to disagree Strunk and White would be proud...of us all
Build Me Up, Buttercup Reading is FUNdamental! One of the most underrated senses we have! A five line poem...
At least no one got hurt Plan your work, work your plan My buddy Zak
(It's a metaphor that melts in your mouth) hot cakes....pancakes...same thing Receding hair line? Hell, it's in full retreat Doesn't that freak you out?
Hey, Haircut! Come over here for a second Ironical.... I have a theory, I will call it "Theory J" Call me anytime...
I got all kinds of things to say.... You say tomato and I say potato And another thing... I promise you this is worth reading....Guarenteed!
There is some creativity in all of us (but some more than others...) Irony is ironical or is that the other way around. Ironical? I don't see a happy ending on this one Oh, I wish I was back in the Ar-my
I am glad he isn't from Nantucket Stan Mack is a Funny Man I guess it is a small world after all... Ephemera is a helluva word
Orchestra chicks in general are a tricky bunch I grew up in the stone age of sound It's the best part of waking up... It's wedding day in Goofyville, what shall I wear tonight?
Ah, Warm Soup Belly! Not to put too fine a point on it... Surfin' U.S.A.... Sometimes you feel like a nut
The first of four The second of four The third of four Finally, the fourth of four
It is more than a game Seriously, now play attention Time flies when we are having fun Make new friends but keep the old...
Cha Ching Kit Kat Chat The Answer is the Easy Part I Give the Old Man a 'C'
I don't know where I'm-a-gonna go Grape Nuts, No Grapes, No Nuts Brrrr... No, turn it this way....
In olden times a glimse of stocking....Wax On BabySeasons make you pay attentionExpecting some lame Hall and Oates reference? Really?
Ohh, moving pictures.... Death by Powerpoint...drip drip drip You are not hitting the right syllable! Lemmings to the left of me, jokers to the right....
Nice town you live in...It is pronouced "wee chay."Sweet mystery of life, at last I found you...So many things to say, etc.
I got a million of them.....
And these beauties are half-baked and stream-of-conscious yammerings: I am working on them....I promise...
Ooh. The Buildings are SOOOOO tallThe Roar of the GreasepaintKilling Me SoftlyDon't Move You Big Baby