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Janer passed away on January 4, 2002
3/2/14 - 1/4/02
Coffee Cup Janer Janer Again Picnic Janer Janer Winking Sleepy Janer
November 2018
Goodwin Wedding Chaos
March 2019
Government Shutdown Woes
April 2019
The (Andy) Mueller Report
February 2021
The Sounds of Silence
April 2021
Food Detective Retires

Back Issues from The Clydepark:

Issue Date: Main Headline: Feature Story:
July 2018Disappointed at Le MansLove Letter to Jimmy Batchelder
May 2018Banana Bread UpdateSit Up Tips from Tammy Long
March 2018Hall of Fame AnnouncementDon Smith Favorite Smells
January  2018Goodbye to Pizza100 Teeth Joke
December 2017Sweet Rolls and/or MoneyFavorite Theories on Jackie Sayres
November 2017White Goat CeremonySonia or Sonja? Dapper Doesn't Know
July 2017Time Machine WorkingWhere is Derek Sayres?
April 2017Is the Newsletter Closing?CJ Ramm Fart Theories
January 2017News from the BandPeckerheads Announce 2017 Tour Schedule
December 2016Standard Gift  SuggesttionsSt. Olaf Jokes
November 2016The Maple Lawn IncidentMike Dapper's Rules for Love
October 2016Goulash for AllWhat Does Mike Lohrmann Smel Like?
September 2016Phil for PresidentIs Andy The Number One Nephew?
August 2016Reunion Number OneSummer Fashion Tips from Andy McGrory
June 2016Prepping for Family FunWhy Lonsdale is the New Paris
May 20164 Funerals and a WeddingDean Lohrmann Predicts
April 2016Pre-Wedding RumorsLorrie Can't Keep A Secret
March 2016 Grandmother of the Year Karen Ayre's Theories on Gin
February 2016 Babies and Birthdays The "Pull My Finger" Olympics Update
January 2016 A New Year, Same Old Lies Tom Press is a Tiny Old Man
November 2015 Thanksgiving in Prison Bill Starts His Goatee
October 2015 ABBA in Rice County Newsletter Salutes the Crazies
September 2015 The Hills Are Alive When is the Next Faribault Wedding?
August 2015 Rest in Peace Aunt Lorraine Jeff was her Favorite of all Nieces/Nephews
July 2015 Rest in Peace Ellie Baby You Meet the Nicest People at Funerals
June 2015 The Philately Issue Ian Goodwin Loves The Hugs
April 2015 The Timeline Issue Jill Lohrmann: Good Egg Award Winner
February 2015 Charley Sues France Jimmy Batchelder: Great Guy, Better Kisser
January 2015 Iowa Superbabies All the Rage 2015: Will Schnack Finally Get Engaged
December 2014 Charlie's Year in Review Heather Lohrmann Headed for Sainthood
November 2014 Liz, Ellen Re-Bury Hatchett Caroline Ruan: Just Pretty Face?
August 2014 Husband of the Year Award The Andy McGrory Story of Glory
July 2014 Large Head Sculptures What is Up with Whatshishame?
December 2013 Holiday Television Specials Maggie Sears Sets Stuff Straight
October 2013 Annie Dyste Returns Derek Sayres Patiently Waits
August 2013 Cruel Summer Jobs Heart Bypass Predictions for 2014
July 2013 NSA Visits the Newsletter Cindi Ramm Now Republican
February 2013 Pope Cletus the First Schnackenberg Love Poems
December 2012 Deano is Five-O Jimmy Batchelder: The Ladies Man
October 2012 An Election Issue Alec Noll and the St. Olaf Shuffle Game
September 2012 The Art Issue Kit Thompson Tells Her Party Joke
August 2012 New Nicknames Announced Colin Shellum's Return
July 2012 Curt Breeding Heads West Dean Lohrmann's Yoga Pants
May 2012 Fantastic Hair Stories Ginger Schnackenberg Speaks Out
April 2012 Boyfriend Day Easter Parade Review
January 2012 New Year: Same Stories The Year of the Batch
November 2011 Pulitizer Prize Número Tres The Hat Chicks
October 2011 Shades of Gray and Soup Tammy Long's Burp Story
September 2011 The Sweaty Royal Wedding John Briggs: Man o' Mystery
August 2011 The Royal Wedding Prep Edition Alec Noll's Handjive
July 2011 Summertime, Summertime Amsterdam Travelogues
June 2011 The Old Side Splitter Sarah B. and the Funky Beat
May 2011 The Crossword Edition Derek Sayres-Gluten
April 2011 Charlie S versus Charlie M Andy Mueller's Theory on Cheese
March 2011 ¡Revolución! The Pope Song by Tim Minchin
April 2010 Grandma Al's Opens Annie Dyste: Chick of Mystery
March 2010 Readers Give Back Butterscotch Pudding Quest
December 2009 The Year in Headlines Derek Sayres: Superspy?
October 2009 Wedding Season Ends Dixeanmania®
September 2009 H1N1? No Way Making Manhattans
July 2009 It Finally Happened Boyfriends Beware!
June 2009 Salute to Grads Andy's Hair
April 2009 Cassie's Birthday 10 Top Ten Tax Deductions
February 2009 Big Hands, Little Hands Sarah Barnett: Dylanologist
December 2008 A Weird Year Ends Vesparados Torment Winona
November 2008 The Pie Edition Curt Breeding Mixes Manhattans
October 2008 Scary Halloween Edition Standard Raisin Cookie Joke
August 2008 St. Paul Convention The Notorious B.O.B. Barnett
June 2008 Toasty Don Smith St. Olaf Freak Circus 2008
April 2008 Pam and Ben XVI Tom Ayre Sings The Classics
February 2008 The Hat Issue! Liverseed Anagrams
January 2008 Collectible Cartoon Edition Say Hello to My Lil' Friend
December 2007 Joanie Strikes Back Gilbertson Wins Lottery
November 2007 Lorrie Beyl Goes Crazy Dance Machine Alec Noll
October 2007 Yet Another Scavenger Hunt... Colin Shellum and Matt Brumble
August 2007 What is Shaming Faribault? Charlie vs. Domingo Cage Match '07
July 2007 MNL Considers Expansion Summer Lovin' Updates
June 2007 Sarah and the Truth Squad Kevin Thar: Michigan Love Machine
April 2007 Liz Testimony Arugula Salad
March 2007 Little BM Makes His Mark Who in the hell is Matt Herzog?
February 2007 AARP Eye Candy Barb Goodwin Cartoon
December 2006 Reader Council Shakeup Grooming Tips from Michele Lenz-Noll
November 2006 Drinking Tips Steele County Rodde-mania!
October 2006 Political Science In The Army
August 2006 McGrory Express® Opens Mopsy vs. Sparky
May 2006 Jim & Joe Closes Brianne Sampson: Arts Diva?
April 2006 Bottke Snub Don Smith: Just a Pretty Face?
February 2006 Uncle Bing Eulogy Mark Fielding's Moonshine
January 2006 The Noonies Insurance Scammer Ill
November 2005 New Liverseed Baby Marc Lawrence: Mr. NYC
October 2005 Find Mike's Large Head Rx Updates and Innuendo
September 2005 Aunt Lorraine and the NSA Alec Noll and John McGrory: Ladies Men
August 2005 Hi Court Hi jinx Andy Ulseth: Not A Punk Anymore
June 2005 Summer Fun Edition Don Smith: Large Head, Large Heart
May 2005 McMichael Art Tom Teske (Unplugged)
March 2005 Uncle Bing in Vegas The Songs of John Briggs
February 2005 Here is Lorrie! Mark Fielding: Man of the Year
December 2004 Where is Lorrie? The Photo Contest
November 2004 Thanksgiving Memories Mike Dapper Remembers
October 2004 The Election Issue Jack Miller Baby Photos
September 2004 Hurricane Charlie Traci Makes Bail!
August 2004 Maggie and Liz Fall Family Social Calendar
July 2004 65 Big Ones BM's Pad
April 2004 Florida Butt Tattoo Roger Bongers Engaged?
March 2004 Mascot Eats Andy Family Rumors PRN
December 2003 Viztivity® Church-Going Dean
November 2003 Cardinal Bing Grant Returns?
October 2003 Halloween and Food Mike Lohrmann Duck Cartoon #9
August 2003 McKee Birthdays Little BM Wants A Change
July 2003 Heather's Graduation Katie Barnett Iowa Bound
May 2003 The WMD Potato Crisis David Liverseed College Tips
Easter 2003 Maggie is Driving! General Family Updates
January 2003 Separated at Birth? Rice County Summit
December 2002 Joanie = Gidget Revisited Mike Dapper's Drinking Tips
June 2002 Cassie's Wedding JP2 and Aunt Lorraine Hang Out
November 2001 A Joanie Wedding Thanksgiving Food Fight, Part Deux
July 2001 Moscow Visit The Cousins Go to Edgefest:
May 2001 Liz and the Pope Tom Teske? Man or Machine?
March 2001 John's Hair Strategy Roger Bongers Reflections
February 2001 The Return How to Cheat at Cards
October 2000 State vs. Federal Courts How NOT to Pay off a Juror
July 2000 Double Birthday Issue (UB /EP) Statute of Limitation Tips
May 2000 Late April Fool Barber Chair Crisis
February 2000 Y2K This Uncle Bing Anagrams
December 1999 Duck Highlights Funny Words
November 1999 Standards/Artifacts Lawn Tips from Cindi
October 1999 Pre-Castro Cuba Always Something
June 1999 3 Miracles & Card Trick World's Luckiest Dog
February 1999 Non-Verbal Shorthand Semi-Positive Thinking
November 1998 Food Poisoning Sawdust Buddies
August 1998 Devil's Plaything Science Camp
May 1998 Maggie Theories Franklin Avenue Frolics
January 1998 Snowball in Hell? Cousins No Snort Pact
September 1997 Water Festival Days of Twine/Hoses
June 1997 Jazzercise Sweeps Cousins Family Glossary
February 1997 Joanie Hits Forty Faribohappenings®
December 1996 The Janer Awards January Happenings
November 1996 Sucker Pucker Andy Election Comes/Goes
October 1996 Stockcar Named Desire Horseman Association
September 1996 Cuimhnich Tabhartas Prionna Buffalo Gals Out Tonight
March 1996 Frequently Asked Questions Ask Joanie
February 1996 Almost Veritas News Fit to Print
Xmas 95 Edition Christmas 1965 Subscribers Hit 100
December 1995 Janer on Science Uncle Bing Predicts 1996
November 1995 Thanksgiving Chez Ellen Whole Family Is Nuts
October 1995 Family Halloween Tips Rumors and Outright Lies
September 1995 Quotes from Chairman Jane Quick Sept Summaries
August 1995 Joanie and Reunion Janer Calling Etiquette
July 1995 Pam's Tropical Wedding Dave Burrows Into History
June 1995 Special Baseball Edition Phil Rutman: Up Close
May 1995 Maggie Joins Catholics Janer New Bushmill's Chief
April 1995 Anderson Wedding Special Vows and Food Repeated
March 1995 Bunny De-Bottles Andy Amy Anderson Finally Married
February 1995 Barnett Ponytail Barbershops Aunt Lorraine's 39th Birthday
January 1995 Dorothy Parmelee-Vesco Dapper's Wife Expecting
December 1994 John McGrory's Talk Show Dean Lohrmann's Pyramids
November 1994 Siblings Meet in Red Wing Joanie Bags Nobel Prize
October 1994 John McKee's Puerto Rico The Kilt, The Kilt!
September 1994 Janer Publishes Cookbook Family Busy By Doing Nothing
August 1994 Backyard Get Together John McKee Hits 4-0 Hard
July 1994 July B.D. Highlights Janer Sends Message to TV
June 1994 Amy Wallenda Hits Big Time VA Hospital Blows Up (Good)
May 1994 Veni, Vidi, Vegi Endless Summer Predictions
April 1994 Orlando is Visited (Again) Mob Leaves Flambo
March 1994 Just Look on the Bright Side Top 10 Things About MNL
January 1994 Xmas Party New Standard (Little) Billy Hair Recovers
December 1993 John Bags Bumper 2x Janer Scares Shit out of Son
November 1993 Lorraine Named Top Aunt Survey Results Released
October 1993 Mom Swears Like Sailor Russian Actor Gets Plum, Role
September 1993 McKeesville Grabs Pulitzer Meals the Cat Still Dead
August 1993 Backyard Hijinx Chez McKee Epicurean Fete
July 1993 Janer Awards Announced The Man from Wal-Mart
June 1993 Baby Andrew Wows Crowd Orts de Wisdombits
May 1993 Mother's Day? Again? New Prague Bans Miller Clan
April 1993 Patti and Aunt Lorraine Parallels Scoops from Around the World
March 1993 Trivial Pursuit 1993 Eyes Lasered At St. Pat's Party
February 1993 Welcome Andrew Jeffrey Reader's Upcoming Ideas
January 1993 Sweet Potato Crisis Averted Janer's Agenda
Pre-Christmas 1992 Ellen Refuses to Leave Porch Uncle Bing's Act O' Charity
November 1992 Meeting June and Johnny Cash Toothpicks Arrive
October 1992 Kim Barnett Sans Nums Germany Declares War
Labor Day 1992 Four Season Porch Wins Day We All Need Nicknames
August 1992 Everything Same Things You Would Never Believe
July 1992 Blue Hair Border Closings Unfounded Rumors
June 1992 Cheap Laugh Hall of Fame Wedding Anniversaries
May 1992 Lorraine Banned from Morton Social Hints and Graces
April 1992 Cindi Takes State Title News from Around the World
February 1992 Faribault = Party Central Mom and the Fake Leg
January 1992 Janer Goes Ass Over Teakettle Miller Family Trivial Pursuit
December 1991 Janer's Changes Lifestyle A Thanksgiving from Hell
November 1991 The Prodigal Son Returns Mom's Christmas Cryptoquip®
October 1991 Flambo Readies for Winter Zooming Here, Zooming There
September 1991 Jeff and Bob in Milwaukee Mysterious Joanie Middlestead
Late July 1991 Cooking Hall Snubs Mom Maggie Medical Update
July 1991 Janer Flees Winona (L) BM Receives Rat Tail Award
June 1991 Janer Beats Bladder Woes Rice County Whispers
May 1991 (Little) Billy Returns from War Faux Pas R' Us
April 1991 Fort Dodge, Here We Come Make Your Own Dick Joke
March 1991 Big Doings in Zimmerman Goodbye to Westwood Drive
February 1991 Janer Picks 1991 Elderhostel Bing and the Dance Studio
January 1991 Little John McGrory Hits Town Maggie Disciplined at Day Care
September 1990 A McKee Birthday Celebration Mrs. Bottke Press Conference
August 1990 Ramm Adoption Tush versus Fax?
July 1990 Westwood Drive Crime Ramsey: Partytown USA
June 1990 Archeologists Name Time Unit Play Match Seven
May 1990 Throw the Ham on the Floor Jottings
Easter 1990 Easter Salutes Christ, Mom Mom's Kitchen Tips
Late January 1990 Bing and the Confederates Newsletter Underground
January 1990 Judy's Christmas Bash Take My Family, Please
Christmas 1989 Dead or Not Dead Billy Back from Kenyon
After Thanksgiving 1989 Ellen's Dinner Liz's Pigskin Preview
Thanksgiving 1989 It's Back Christmas is Coming
Late May 1989 Mother's Day Fete Mom's Glossary Addendum
Mid-May 1989 Card Games: Work of the Devil Where the Boys Aren't
Early May 1989 Time is Time Mom's Glossary
Late April 1989 Flatulence versus Heredity Maggie Sears Learns the "F" Word
Mid April 1989 Impress Mom Contest Bing Miller - Bing Crosby Parallels
Early April 1989 Ellen and John Attend Acrobats Janer Gets a VCR
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