The Ten Cent Parable

When faced with a full agenda

And far from your hacienda

You must approach the task with an open mind ...

You can't fight time or circumstance

Or get help from old Pommeranz

Unless you breath deep to avoid the grind ...

A coin inside a seat belt slot

Will take all energy one has got

To pry it out saves embarrassment, face and pain

So pace yourself next time

When tormented by a dime

And appreciate the quiet and mundane.

(still a work in progress but you get my ten cents)

I dropped that actual dime into my seat belt slot. After spending several minutes dinking around with it to determine why it was not clicking shut, I spend two hours that I didn't have digging it out with a variety of tools and strategies.

"If you want to make God laugh, tell him your future plans." - Woody Allen.

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