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These stories collect in the back of my mind and now, you can have them for your reading enjoyment. I would discourage looking too deeply into any of them because I have tried to filter out all the subconscious crap and don't get on me about the abuses of grammar and syntax; especially on the rough drafts. Also, try to treat the yammerings with a bit more leniency as I quote Chandler Poling: "I am just musing. I've got a rich inner life."

published almost monthly Mom's Newsletter: This rag loosely follows the trials (both federal and state) and tribulations of my family but the names rarely change, fiction is king and the facts receive only a mild bruising. Also for Faribault and Clydepark historians, the mysterious Mike Dapper, the still dangerous Tom Teske, the freakishly youthful Jim Batchelder, the McGrory boys and the coolest cat in the region, Roger Bongers, are referenced here constantly.
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Colin Shellum is, and continues to be, a world-class goofball without peer...and that is saying something."

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